Operation and Maintenance Manuals:

 We offer a technical publishing facility to produce Operation and Maintenance Manuals, where required. Each document is specific to an individual project with relevant information being collated and system details being recorded for future reference.

 We can provide documents to our clients exacting requirements or through our own ‘standard’ format which has been developed from our experience and draws upon an extensive data base arising from previous projects.

 Our technical manuals are designed to reflect variations in sizes of projects and their individual content – all accommodate the following information:

 • A comprehensive reference source of covering installation

 • A basis for the correct and efficient operation of installed plant systems.

• An information base for effective maintenance and repair of the installation.

 • A guide to safe operation and safety awareness.

 • A focus for staff training.


 For all building services systems we offer performance testing service, either as part of a combined commissioning and testing package or an independent basis. The testing of any installation would be either to improve performance or highlight any deficiency in:

* Plant performance due to incorrect supply, deficient installation or incorrect selection of equipment or,

 * system performance due to insufficient capacity, component failure or incorrect operation.

The procedure and requirements for any testing depend upon the type of plant incorporated with individual characteristics of the system. We can offer unique test programmes and provide written test documentation, prepared by our engineers to satisfy any requirement in building services engineering.