Commissioning Management:

A commissioning manager can be provided to manage a team of specialists that will carry out every aspect of the commissioning from design evaluation, appraisal and pre-commissioning to training of the clients staff.

The commissioning manager will be made available for an initial period prior to commencement of water treatments in order to collate method statements, produce a programme, survey the site and carry out a full design appraisal in order to evaluate the commissionability of each installation. A full commissioning feasibility study at this stage will highlight potential problems which will be brought to the attention of the project manager and eliminated before a critical point in the programme of works is reached.

A detailed commissioning programme will be drawn up to integrate with the construction process to recognise all the important interfaces and milestones of each individual project. Method statements will be produced and reviewed to ensure they are site specific and comply with the design specification. Periodic inspections will monitor progress and ensure that all systems are being installed in accordance with installation drawings and specification.

Once the installation is deemed complete by agreement between the commissioning manager and the project manager a ‘system complete’ certificate will be issued to enable the commissioning team to commence to pre- commission checks.

The commissioning of items of specialist plant would normally be undertaken by the manufacturer. Such procedures will be co-ordinated and monitored by the commissioning manager, who will ensure that the manufacturers requirements are met prior to their attendance on site in order to limit problems arising which would affect the smooth running of commissioning works.

 The commissioning manager will be responsible for issuing guidelines to manufacturers of specialist plant which will enable them to prepare and conduct training programmes which can then be used to assist in training / instruction of any nominated staff.